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Mens Health

Mens Health Checks

Our doctors place an emphasis on the prevention of illness and recommend regular health checks where applicable. Specifically, our doctors undertake a range of screening tests for men that will check blood pressure, cholesterol and blood -glucose levels along with a skin check.

Men typically have been known to neglect their health and develop a stereotypical attitude of “She’ll be right” However, it’s a good idea for all individuals to see their doctor for a regular health check even if they are currently feeling fit and healthy. Where there is a family history of bowel, prostate or testicular cancer screening test can ensure early detection and management.

Our practitioners have an emphasis on the prevention of disease as one of our primary mission statements and it’s a message that we endeavour to promote to our patients.

You will require a double appointment for a Men’s Health Check, so please advise reception staff when booking, or book online for a long appointment.

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