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Well Women Checks

Cervical Screening Test
It is important to have a cervical screening test once you turn 25 years old, regardless of whether you have received the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) or not. These need to be repeated every 5 years until the age of 75, and more often if indicated. The results are available generally within a week, and a referral for further tests and treatment will be arranged, if indicated.

Breast Check/Mammogram
Screening Mammograms are recommended from 50 earlier if indicated (If there is a family history)

Well Women’s Check
Menopause assessment (including blood tests and bone mineral density tests) may be indicated. Our GPs will advise if further investigations and treatment are needed. Our GPs are familiar with all the available contraceptive options and can discuss these with you Menstrual Disorders affect many women. It is important to have an assessment to exclude underlying problems, or hormonal imbalance. Referral for ultrasound or further investigations may be indicated Osteoporosis screening / bone mineral density for those aged 70 years and older – earlier if indicated Bowel Cancer screening from age 50

Early Pregnancy/Pre conception Care
Its important for mother and baby to have a health check and also if you are planning to get pregnant. Early pregnancy management and advice is available (including referral for 12 week antenatal blood testing, early pregnancy and nuchal scans, and referral to an Antenatal clinic or obstetrician). Our GPs will also provide shared antenatal care.

General Health Check
General health assessments, which include clinical examination, including blood pressure, and referral for blood tests to screen for diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer. Referral for further, more specialised, testing may be required, and our GPs will arrange this, after discussion with you.

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